Chiropractic Care for Migraine Pain

“Uuuuughh!” This is the sentiment that many people feel as their head pounds, their stomach churns, and they can barely tolerate the light coming through the windows. If you’ve ever had a headache so bad that it made you retreat to bed in a dark room to find relief, then you know the pain of a migraine. And you’re not alone; millions of people (women more than men) experience migraines regularly. 

These can last for hours or even days. There are many medicines on the market to combat this condition. However, many provide just a temporary solution until the intense pain returns. It can also be very costly, even with insurance paying a portion.

Ready for a different and more holistic approach? A lesser known fact is that regular chiropractic care can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. Let us explain…

The Chiropractic Adjustment

“What is causing my migraines to come on? I’ve changed my diet and have even begun exercising more!” If diet and exercise have made no impact on the amount of migraines you get then the problem could run deeper than that, literally. They may be brought on by a misalignment in your vertebrae. Even a subtle shift can result in inflammation of the nerves and muscles in the neck and back that are connected to your head. That pressure can bring on a migraine. No amount of exercise will correct that misplacement! A chiropractic adjustment, in conjunction with muscle release therapy, can straighten the vertebra and therefore reduce the irritation and inflammation going on inside your body.

Corrective Exercises and Ergonomics

Do you find yourself hunching over a keyboard all day at work or slouching when you stand? Well we won’t give you a lecture, but your poor posture could be contributing to your headaches and migraines. If you visualize both of those positions, you’ll recognize how overtaxed the muscles are in your back and neck from the slumping. What you want instead is your body to appear as if it was on a puppet string; head up and shoulders back. To achieve this, our chiropractor can show you corrective exercises to strengthen the muscles that may be bringing you down. You can supplement these exercises into your gym workouts or even at your desk on a break. Speaking of your desk, we can show you how to make it ergonomically friendly to prevent the migraine you get at the end of a long workday.

Trigger Points and Massage

Trigger points are a common cause of headaches, but no one seems to remember them. Trigger point therapy is where the chiropractor applies pressure to specific points in places such as the trapezius or sternocleidomastoid muscles (all muscles that connect by the base of the skull). The pressure calms down the nerve signals that are signaling to your brain to feel pain. This lessens the migraine pain and teaches the muscles to assume a better natural position. In addition, we offer massage in the office to further help. Massage that is focused on the head and neck area can help relieve your migraines. Pressure applied with the fingers, thumbs, and palms to acupuncture points can be very soothing. The tension that collects there will loosen and relieve the tightness that may be causing your headache.

We offer chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, and massage in the office to ease your migraines. Please give our Santa Clara office a call at (408) 426-4936 to schedule your appointment!

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