The Killer Painkiller Epidemic

By now you must have heard about the growing drug crisis in the United States on what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is calling “the worst drug epidemic in history.”  Painkillers are being prescribed, ingested, and abused at a frightening rate with opiod-related deaths reaching an annual 17,000 per year and rising, and hospitalizations due to opiod addiction quadrupling from 2007-2010.  One of the main issues is the lack of education and utilization of evidence-based alternative health care.

Chiropractic physicians offer a solution to this epidemic with their drug-free and surgery-free approach using evidence-based, safe and effective chiropractic treatment techniques.  The infographic below, “The Painkiller Epidemic: How Chiropractic Can Fix It” shares valuable information about this drug crisis and outlines chiropractic’s major role in pioneering America’s desperately needed non-pharmaceutical-based methods to treat patients’ pain.

Pain-Killer-Epidemic-Infographic (2)

Pain-Killer-Epidemic-Infographic (3)

Through chiropractic treatment and adjustments, you and your chiropractor can work towards relieving back pain or any musculoskeletal injury, safely and effectively.

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