The Likelihood of Surgery

There are many dangerous risks and complications that can occur with surgery including pain, infection, anesthesia effects, blood clots, operation failure, and more.  So why are so many people skipping safe and effective conservative care and going under the knife?  Unfortunately for most people, it is simply not knowing their options and doing what they are told by their medical doctor who has not considered conservative care before invasive treatments.


The likelihood of surgery for workers with back injuries whose first point of contact is a surgeon or MD is a frightening 42.7% versus the 1.5% of those whose first point of contact is a chiropractic physician.

Chiropractors are skilled physicians who focus on the musculoskeletal system and nervous system using a drug-free and surgery-free, SAFE and EFFECTIVE approach including the chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation.

Through chiropractic care and adjustments, you and your chiropractor can work towards relieving back pain or any musculoskeletal injury.

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