Meds vs. Spinal Manipulation

“Ouch!” Maybe you were pulling some weeds in the garden, unloading the groceries, or picking up your child out of the car’s child seat.  Or maybe you just woke up one morning in pain and couldn’t move your neck or back.  You’ve injured yourself and need treatment.


Consider this, 94% of patients who receive spinal manipulation by a chiropractic physician had a 30% reduction in low back pain in week 4 of treatment.  Only 56% of patients who received prescribed medication by their medical doctor had a 30% reduction in low back pain in week 4 of treatment.

Medications mask the pain but do not fix the underlying cause of the pain.  They are taxing on the body to metabolize and are accompanied by risks and dangerous side-effects.

Chiropractors are skilled in identifying and fixing the source of the problem with physiotherapy techniques and chiropractic adjustments to restore physical function and nervous system communication to help the body heal quickly, safely, and effectively, without the use of painkiller medication or surgery.

Through chiropractic care and adjustments, you and your chiropractor can work towards relieving back pain or any musculoskeletal injury.

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