Finding your Mattress Match: a Chiropractor’s Guide

Shopping for a mattress can be can be completely overwhelming. Trying to navigate the different materials, brands, firmness levels, and price points can be dizzying. To top it all off opinions and recommendations on what constitutes a perfect mattress are constantly shifting and contradicting one another. Unfortunately there is no answer to the question: What is the best mattress? The truth of the matter is that there is no one perfect bed. A good mattress is one that fits a person’s body in a way that offers a combination of comfort and support. That being said, the perfect mattress match is as unique as each individual’s body. Here is a guide of our tips and tricks to finding the perfect mattress for you. 

1. Research. Before you walk into a mattress store it is good to do some research with resources that aren’t trying to sell you anything. An article published by Spine-health recommends using sites like the Sleep Resource Council  and the Sleep, Mattress, and Insomnia Health Center for unbiased information. In addition, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. Your medical providers know your body best and can often provide valuable insight into what you need to get the best night’s sleep possible. At Santa Clara Custom Chiropractic, we know how important sleep is for our patients’ health and are always happy to give a consultation on mattress and pillow fit.

2. Test it out. Research provides a good starting point for your shopping, but the only way to tell if a mattress will be comfortable for you is, simply, to lay on it. This may seem obvious, but in order actually get a real feel of the mattress you have to really go for it. Many sources, including Huffington Post and Dynamic Chiropractic News, agree that you should spend no less than 20 minutes laying on a mattress in store before buying it. The even better option is to make sure you take advantage of the free trial programs that most mattress stores offer. These programs allow you to take the mattress home for a “test-drive” of what an overnight sleeping experience would be like. That being said, it is important to protect your investment by making sure the store offers a good return policy and warranty on the mattress, so that you don’t get stuck should you change your mind. 

3. Keep it Fresh. Once you find your perfect mattress it is important to make sure you take care of it. Mattresses should be replaced every eight years on average. Mattresses and box springs go hand in hand, in fact many of them are designed to go together to provide the proper amount of support and stability. That being said, box springs should be retired at the same rate to avoid wear and sagging which is a common source of back pain. Pillow and Foam toppers can be replaced every three years. In addition, frequent vaccuuming of the surface of the mattress greatly reduces allergens that can interfere with your quality of sleep. 

Quality of sleep is vital for overall health, Dynamic Chiropractic explains that chiropractor’s recognize that  “mattresses are health care products that can retain the natural position of the spine and reduce subluxations when properly fitted. A prescribed bedding system can reduce back pain by 57%; decrease back stiffness by 59%; and improve the quality of sleep by 61%.” Come see your local chiropractor at Santa Clara Custom Chiropractic for any questions or issues you might have so we can help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.


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