Behind the Wheel Too Much?

     Driving, a method of getting from one place to another, to explore, discover, and encounter new ways of living life. It can sometimes lead to unpredictable circumstances, as well as hinder the driver, especially when they are spending an extended period time behind the wheel.  

     As the driver devotes most of their time driving it can affect their mental health. Research shows, not only can it produce the worst in us, but cause symptoms such as anxiety and stress.  Due to constant awareness of the road the mind is always racing, especially during commute hours. In Atlanta they explain, that traffic not only causes rage, stress, and anxiety, but because of long commutes and air pollution physical health is also affected. Big cities especially face this issue where traffic seems to make the time go slower, not only restraining, but this limits the movement of the body being in a constant sitting position can cause bad posture, back and neck pain. Other helath problems include a rise in blood pressure and fatigue. Other resources say the same.

Solutions to preventing drving from causing too much harm to the body include:

- Proper seat positioning.

- Utilizing the headrest correctly.

- Reaching for the steering wheel, not having the shoulder rolled forward and head protruding forward.

- Taking a break at every hour to get out of the car and stretch. If taking a long road trip try to set a 15 min break time to recover and get some fresh air. 


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