Healthy Lifestyle: an explanation of Chiropractic Care at Santa Clara Custom




 Chiropractic care focuses on the wellness of the nervous system. The nervous system provides electrical signals to the brain about pain and sensation and is also responsible for coordinating the movement of the limbs. Ensuring that the nervous system can function at its optimal level without obstacles of pain is necessary for a good quality of life. Having a healthy nervous system translates into being able to do and participate in the activities that one enjoys without having to think about it. If there is a nerve trapped by nerve impingement, inflammation and edema putting pressure on nerves, or displaced nerves due to misalignment in the spine and joints, then discomfort and pain become evident during movement.

The nervous system is intimately entwined with the musculoskeletal system. Nerves provide sensation to muscles, which are supported by bones. If any of the soft tissues, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, or fascia, are out of balance, it is possible to feel strain and pain when increasing physical activity. This can result from poor posture or form, musculoskeletal imbalances, repetitive stress, or acute injury. Soft tissues injuries can arise and accumulate, and when not addressed, can become pervasive, chronic problems.

Soft tissue injuries are also treatment by chiropractors by using a variety of techniques that are individualized to the patient’s needs. One of these methods is Active Release Technique, or ART, which is the gold standard of soft tissue treatment. Dr. Grossman is certified in ART! ART consists of the chiropractor identifying an area with accumulations of fibrous adhesions, which reduce blood flow and can put pressure on the nerves, causing pain and discomfort. From there, Dr. Grossman will use focused, manual pressure to send the adhesions back into circulation, freeing the soft tissue to resume its natural shape and contribute to positive movement.

In Addition, Dr. Grossman is a trained professional who can apply kinesiotape(K-tape) with efficiency to target the muscle groups most in need of it. The chiropractor screens the patient and observes any muscular asymmetries, weaknesses, or deficiencies. A chiropractic adjustment may be used to relieve tightness in the muscles and about a joint, but treatment of the soft tissue with K-Tape can be used to address injuries to the muscles. K-Tape promotes healing of the muscle fibers by restricting movement that will further tear and damage the soft tissue and promoting movement that will strengthen the muscle group. K-Tape also increases lymphatic drainage, improves proprioception and increases neuromuscular efficiency.


From Spinal manipulation to active release technique Dr. Michael Grossman also specializes in a soft tissue mobilization technique Graston is an instrument-Assisted soft tissue mobilization modality that enables Chiropractors to detect and effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions as well as maintaining optimal range of motion.

Chronic and Acute soft tissue injuries can result in formation of scar tissue. Now what is scar tissue exactly? When soft tissues such as muscle, ligament and tendons are injured there is a natural inflammatory response that occurs to heal the damaged tissue. Although our body has this response to the acute injury there is not a 100% restoration of the injured tissue. This then causes a loss of tissue strength, flexibility and elasticity. During the repair process our body naturally lays down a cheaper version of tissue which is knows as scar tissue. This scar tissue is laid down in a random fashion that is different from the normal parallel orientation of muscle fibers. This abnormal arrangement of scar tissue causes a decrease ability for the tissue to work normally and withstand any further injuries hence if a re injury occurs it results in an increased formation of scar tissue that results into chronic pain

Graston allows chiropractors to get deep into the tissue keeping in mind patient comfort and pain tolerance. The tool comes in very close contact to the adhesions and tries to break up the rigorous formation of the scar tissue. This helps reduce the ongoing formation of the scar tissue and eliminates pain. After required sessions of the Graston tool, the inured soft tissue goes through its process to transform and restore back into a healthy functioning tissue which then helps reduce pain and regain strength, motion and range of motion.


Strategies for keeping healthy resolutions.

While easing into a healthy lifestyle may seem overwhelming, there are strategies to help maintain your motivation and morale. One strategy is to make resolutions more manageable by breaking them up into small groups of accomplishments. If your resolution is to participate in a big race such as a half marathon, create a realistic schedule of smaller goals that lead up to the larger one. An example of this is going out and running a set number of miles or minutes per week, starting with smaller races such a 5k and work your way up to that marathon. Breaking down your goals into tactical planning will make large changes less overwhelming and also provide you a look at your progress in increments. It can also be very helpful to write down your goals as a well to keep track of your progress.

Keeping sight of your motivation and reassessing how you feel about your goals is also a good way to make sure that your motivation doesn’t dissipate. If your overall goal with your resolutions this year is to be healthier, start associating the path to health with the path to a happier lifestyle too. If increasing physical fitness is your goal, pick an activity that you will enjoy; for example, if you do not like running or going to the gym on your own, consider getting together to work out with a group of friends or taking a dance class that interests you.

Don’t feel inhibited by your starting point. It is impossible to completely remake a set of healthy habits overnight from a previous lifestyle. Instead, be proud of yourself when you reach smaller landmark achievements, such as adding more weight to your bicep curl, running for five minutes longer without giving up, and learning a new dance step. It is important to acknowledge goal directed progress and to reward yourself with things that will not set back your goals.

At Santa Clara Custom Chiropractic we are committed to helping each of our patients reach their unique health goals safely and comfortably. If you are focusing on physical fitness and exercise and want help in keeping your body healthy as you work on increasing your strength, call our office at (408) 248-8700


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