National Chiropractic Health Month


It’s finally October, time for pumpkins, scary ghost stories, and National Chiropractic Health Month!

This years theme is “Back to the Basics”, and we will be discussing a few techniques to help prevent future back injuries. 

  1. Use your stool!
  • Straining your back to obtain hard to reach objects can lead to mid-back, shoulder, and neck issues. Using a stool or stable chair is an easy, cost effective way to reduce the potential for injury.

2. Pay attention to Posture

  • If you work at a desk or have to sit down for extended periods of time, poor posture is your number one enemy. Here are a few tips on how to prevent “the slouch” and prevent the annoying lower back pain and neck pain we all know and definatly do not love.
    • When sitting down try to position your hips as far back as possible
    • Adjust your chair seat height so your feet fall comfortably flat on the floor
    • Try to have your knees parallel or slightly lower than your hips
    • Try to maintain the natural curve in your lower back
  • Whens standing also make sure your head is level and your ears are parallel to your shoulders.

3. Sleep on your Side

  • Sleeping on your back put puts the most amount of pressure on your spine, potentially leading to problems in the future. Sleeping on your side considerably reduces this pressure and may lead to a more restful sleep. If you can only sleep on your back, placing a pillow under your knees will also relieve some pressure to the spine. 

4. Lifting

  • When lifting make sure to rememeber these simple tips:
    • Lift with your legs, not your back. 
    • Keep your back straight with your hips pushed outward
    • If an object is too heavy for you don’t lift it. Ask for help, or try pushing the object instead!

5. Regular Chiropractic Treatment

  • Regular Chiropractic treatments are a great way to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system and keep your body intact!

Click this link to find out more about National Chiropractic Health Month


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