When the world won’t stop spinning


 When the world won’t stop spinning.

You may associate the woozy, unsteady, faint feeling of Dizziness with roller coasters, getting up too quickly, or simply spinning around too many times in your chair– however, for people who suffer from Vertigo or Cervicogenic dizziness, this feeling can impact their entire lives. 


Vertigo is often described as a spinning imbalanced sensation that is associated with nausea, weakness, and a lack of coordination. There are several types of vertigo that people can experience: veritgo as a result of inflamation following an inner ear or vestibular nerve infection (Vestibular neuritis), vertigo due to pressure imbalance from fluid build-up within the inner ear (Meniere’s disease), and vertigo due to irritation from calcium crystal buildup within inner ear canals (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). Cervicogenic dizziness is usually set on by specific movements or changes in position of the cervical spine and is usually also associated with a stiff or painful neck. Both vertigo and cervicogenic dizziness occur at higher rates with older adults. This is particularly dangerous as falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among people 65 and older and 2/3 of all unintentional injuries in older adults. A 2016 study done by Harrison Ndetan found that though only 4.2% of people actually went to Chiropractors for help, 90.4% of patients who sought Chiropractic care for their symptoms saw relief– compared to the 34.6% that saw releif after going to a Medical Doctor for treatment. The National Health Interview Survey data suggests that more research about the preventative nature Chiropractic manipulation has on Vertigo is necessary, however there has been strong evidence supporting Chiropractic methods as a benificial treatment method. 


For more information about this study click here!

Here is a cool video explaining what vertigo is!



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