Got Poor Air Quality?

 The tragedy in Santa Rosa has left hundreds of people homeless and 31 people’s family and friends in mourning. Over 3,500 homes and businesses have been completely destroyed. It is has been the worst fire to ever hit the area– roughly 220,000 acres have been destroyed. Tangent effects can be seen all across the bay area. The Smell of smoke has engulfed the majority of the bay area this week. For those suffering from any respiratory or cardiac issues the smoke can be severely debilitating. The EPA suggests avoiding strenuous activity and limiting time spent outdoors to avoid triggering any asthma or cardiac problems.

Some measures suggested to reduce your over all air pollution are:

  • Avoid burning any fires or candles.
  • Reduce/eliminate tobacco smoke.
  • Carpool.
  • Adjust your thermostat to a higher temp in the summer and lower temp in the winter.

Link to Air Quality Guide

If you would like to donate to those affected by the recent fire click here!


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