The right way to get up. Explained by Bay Area Expert.

Have you ever noticed how many times you have to get up in a day?

Just think about it: 

  1. You get out of bed
  2. You get out of your car
  3. You get up from your chair at work
  4. You get up from sitting on the sofa

But are you getting up correctly…? 

A surprising number of people do not actually get up in the most efficient way and risk potential injury and chronic issues in the process.

We will discuss the simple body mechanics techniques that will help you avoid these injuries in the future.

1. How to get up from sitting down:

You do this countless times a day so it is so important that you ensure that you are doing this simple move correctly!  

  • Step one: Lean forward towards your hips
  • Step two: Look straight forwards so your nose is parallel to the floor, but is past your toes.
  • Step three: Bend your knees and rise up.

By utilizing these body mechanics you are putting the least amount of work in your movement. By leaning forward, you essentially let gravity do most of the work in the movement, decreasing the amount of stress on your body. 

2. How to get up sitting on the floor:

Believe it or not, hitting the floor is not the only way you may be insured from a fall. Getting up from the floor incorrectly can further exacerbate your injuries, or even cause new injuries. 

  • Step one: While keeping your arms straight, push up your upper body. 
  • Step two: Move your hips off of the floor by kneeling down on your knees. 
  • Step three: Plant one leg on the floor and lean into it to help you off of the floor.

3. How to get up from the bed:

  • Step one: While lying on your back, bend both knees
  • Step two: While keeping your knees and trunk aligned, roll to your side. Be sure to utilize the natural effect of gravity while doing this movement to avoid any unnecessary stress. 
  • Step three: Very slowly, use your arms to push up against the bed and move into a sitting position.
  • Step four: Lean forward towards your hips 
  • Step five: Look straight forwards so your nose is parallel to the floor, but is past your toes.
  • Step six: Bend your knees and rise up.

If you have injured you lower back while getting up be sure to check out some of our treatment plans to help your condition!



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