Active Release Technique


ART, also known as Active Release Technique, is a hands-on technique that treats scaring and impairments in soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, and nerves). ART requires precision and lots of training. As the only soft tissue therapy that has ever been patented, only certified ART experts such as Dr. Mati are fully qualified in administering the technique-which includes over 500 protocols. Certified chiropractors are diligently trained in administering direct, precise tension using the exact dynamism to ensure the stable tissue mobility. In most cases, following a consistent treatment regimen can restore tissue function with minimal treatment time. 




An adhesion normally develops from one of three ways:

  • Trauma: trauma is typically due to a fall or accident
  • Overuse: overuse typically arises from exercising and is usually characterized as a repetitive motion injury
  • Constant pressure/tension: Tension builds up after sitting in the same position, often with poor posture, for an extended period of time


Adhesions limit blood flow from the impacted tissue, shorten the muscle fibers, and decreases tissue function. Pain, weakness and numbness occur when adhesions put pressure surrounding nerve.

The soft tissue changes that occur following an injury are:

  1. INFLAMMATION: occurs in the first 24-72 hours of the injury
  2. STRINGY MUSCLES LESIONS: occurs 2 days-2 weeks after injury
  3. LUMPY TISSUE, PALPABLE ADHESIONS: occurs 2 weeks-3 months after the injury
  4. LEATHERY TISSUE, CHANGES SLOWLY AND IS MORE CHRONIC: occurs 3 months and several years after the injury has occurred