Chiropractic for Sports Injuries


Sports injuries happen to professional and amateur athletes alike, and often cannot be avoided. Luckily, chiropractic care can minimize the occurance of injuries and help athletes recover from them.  Most injuries are due to overuse or going all-out before properly warming up. First and foremost, rest is recommended. Then our chiropractors will evaluate and determine the cause of your…

How To Do A Self-Posture Exam


Ever wondered if you have good posture? Do this simple test yourself to determine if you have good posture! All you need is a wall. Stand with your feet flat and heels approximately 6 inches away from the baseboard. Rest your back and head flat against the wall, and tuck in your chin. Next, raise…

Pain in your Lap!

Neck and Back Pain Caused by Laptop Use It’s winter time here in Silicon Valley . Although desks are great for productivity, the lure of grabbing your laptop and getting some work done in bed is stronger than ever. We get it, getting out of bed, or that cozy spot on the couch, is hard…

Meds vs. Spinal Manipulation


“Ouch!” Maybe you were pulling some weeds in the garden, unloading the groceries, or picking up your child out of the car’s child seat.  Or maybe you just woke up one morning in pain and couldn’t move your neck or back.  You’ve injured yourself and need treatment.