Auto Injury

headlamp-2940_640Results of evaluations of police reported collisions determined that a person in a car crash will sustain on average 2.5 injuries, with some having up to 5/6 injuries result. As the majority of these are deemed minor, many injured parties are never directed to seek treatment and continue to suffer what can debilitating chronic neck pain, back pain, arm numbness, lower back pain and sciatica. During even a low speed whiplash injury, where the delicate neck and spine muscle/joint complex is taken quickly backwards and forwards immediate injury occurs to the normal movement of the neck and spine resulting in common symptoms including headaches, upper back pain, hand/arm numbness and lower back pain. Rib pain and chest pain can result if the front of the chest contacts a part of the car or steering wheel due to the force of impact. Even if you were evaluated by a Medical Doctor who determined that you didn’t fracture or dislocate a joint as a result of your injury, if you are still experiencing pain in either the neck, back, extremities or lower back since the impact, you have sustained definitive injury and require treatment. We take a thorough approach in examining the patient’s overall neurologic/orthopedic condition as well as appropriate functional tests and mechanical disorder as a result of the injury. We are fortunate to have xray facilities and digital scanning available on the premises. In addition to this, we are a fully functioning wellness center and combine the healing therapies of chiropractic care, acupuncture, exercise/fitness training, massage therapy and reflexology to return the injured party to normal tone and function as quickly as possible. For additional information regarding current research regarding automobile accidents and successful treatment, please follow this link: