Postpartum Chiropractic

baby-164897_640During the period of time up to 6 weeks after delivery of your new baby, your body is experiencing a host of changes as it returns to normal tone in the birthing region and attempts to right itself from the stressors it has experienced. What many people do not count on is that having a new infant, sleeping for only short periods of time, having your neck looking down to nurse and care for your new baby and the strain of lifting car seats in and out of cars combined with Relaxin, the hormone we mentioned earlier, still being present in your body in large amounts can total new and different pains for the new mom. It is common to experience pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulders as well as lower back pain if confined to bed recovering from a C-section.  At Santa Clara Custom Chiropractic, we are familiar with these areas of postural strain which commonly occur in postpartum and have tailored treatment complete with specialized scanning, equipment and muscle and joint therapy to assist the new mom in easing into this important phase of her life without pain. Maintaining flexibility and proper alignment before birth and properly supporting the neck and back through the first few months of carrying and feeding baby can take a toll on Mom.  Awareness of proper seating positions and certain stretching techniques can go a long way towards alleviating much of any discomfort.