Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape, commonly known as Rock tape can do wonders when applied correctly. Though simple in concept, the effects of taping can be multifaceted. At the most basic level, the adhesive properties of the latex free tape separate the dermis layer of the skin from the muscle layer. This assists in relieving pressure from swollen muscles, and increases lymphatic drainage and blood flow in the area. And unlike other techniques, taping does not constrict muscle– so there is no degradation in muscle strength or range of motion.

Other things Kinesiology tape can help with include:


The kinesiology tape activates surrounding sensory neurons and decreases the brain’s perception of pain.

If you think about it in broader terms, if you live in a very quiet small town and there is one car alarm that goes off in your street, the alarm is going to be extremely noticeable to you and your neighbors. However, if you live in a bustling city with lots of noises at all hours of the night, it is much harder to pick out that lone car alarm as the sound merges with the rest of the city sounds. 


By lifting the dermis layer from the muscle, inflammatory by-products can drain out more easily. While these products are often necessary to fight any pathogens that may come to attack the damaged tissue, extended exposure to the by-products may lead to more tissue damage. 


Along with stimulating sensory neurons, kinesiology tape also activates surrounding muscles reducing muscle fatigue– as more muscles are now activated that pick up the slack.