subluxationSubluxations are misalignments or the spinal vertebrae or lack of normal motion or movement of a particular vertebra.

Subluxations can occur three ways:

  • Trauma- a slip, falls, car accident etc.
  • Repetitive stress- Doing an activity over and over again can cause a shift in position of the joint or vertebra. An example is carrying a bag on the same side every day.
  • Static Stress- Poor posture, sleeping wrong, sitting or standing wrong.

When you have a subluxation that is not treated, symptoms can occur. Symptoms may include, pain, tension, weakness, spasm, tingling, numbness, mood changes, decreased energy, and sickness.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnosis and treat subluxations by the use of chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments are the only thing that corrects subluxations of the spine or joints. A chiropractic adjustment is a short, quick targeted thrust done by hand to restore proper spinal alignment and motion. It is safe, painlessand effective.

At Santa Clara Custom Chiropractic we don’t just address the subluxations we address the causes of them, suchas poor posture, bad habits, etc.