Meds vs. Spinal Manipulation


“Ouch!” Maybe you were pulling some weeds in the garden, unloading the groceries, or picking up your child out of the car’s child seat.  Or maybe you just woke up one morning in pain and couldn’t move your neck or back.  You’ve injured yourself and need treatment.

The Likelihood of Surgery


There are many dangerous risks and complications that can occur with surgery including pain, infection, anesthesia effects, blood clots, operation failure, and more.  So why are so many people skipping safe and effective conservative care and going under the knife?  Unfortunately for most people, it is simply not knowing their options and doing what they…

The Killer Painkiller Epidemic


By now you must have heard about the growing drug crisis in the United States on what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is calling “the worst drug epidemic in history.”  Painkillers are being prescribed, ingested, and abused at a frightening rate with opiod-related deaths reaching an annual 17,000 per year and rising, and hospitalizations…

Back Hurts? See our Chiropractic Physician First!

Man With Backache

Everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.  That risk is increased for some more than others depending on factors such as genetics, poor posture, diet, exercise, work habits, sleep,  stress levels, and injuries.  Some will experience severe back pain, while others may experience minor aches and pains – a weary sign…

Tips To Relieve Back Pain Between Chiropractic Adjustments


It throbs. It aches. It sends sharp pains to your legs. Does any of this sound familiar? Back pain is experienced by millions of Americans. It does not discriminate either. Whether you have an office job or a warehouse job, you may have experienced acute or chronic lower back pain. We all know chiropractic can…