TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ-DysfunctionTMJ stands for dysfunction of the Temporomandibular Joint. The TMJ purpose is to unlocks and lock the jaw allowing us to open and close our mouth.

Common Symptoms include headaches, jaw clicking, pain, stiffness or a locked jaw.

TMJ is a sliding ball and socket joint made up of a group of small muscles the condyle and the disc.

The muscles consist of the lateral and medial pterygoids, the masseter and the temporalis muscle.

The cause of TMJ dysfunction and pain is usually due to grinding and clenching of the teeth due to stress.

However injuries like whiplash can cause the ligaments to stretch or tear pulling the disc of the joint out of position.

Trained chiropractors who specialize in the treatment of TMJ can help. The treatment consists of both muscle work and chiropractic adjustments to the joint to restore normal motion, alignment and function restoring health.